• Success Story - A Bond 10 Years in the Making - Goodie - It was a typical fall evening when a young, gangly foal stepped off the trailer and into the life of a three year-old girl, beginning a love affair that is still going strong nearly ten years later. What began as a surprise trip for Mom on her birthday to a local horse rescue in hopes of reacquainting Mom with horses became the start of an ongoing love affair with a horse. On this particular day, Mom made a donation that would allow the family to name a nurse mare foal some time in the future. A few weeks later, the family witnessed....{Read More}

Eagle Hill Equine Rescue (EHER), a non-profit, organization is located just 11 miles off exit 130B (RT 3) on I-95 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. There is an automatic gate with the entrance code of 1- 2- 3- 4 and the gate will close on its own after giving you plenty of time to enter the farm.We  have quite a few small horses/ponies that will remain under 14.2 that would make outstanding 4-H or Pony Club projects. We also have some riding horses, many that are new to the saddle that need additional hours of training and a few potential eventers, hunters/jumpers and dressage prospects. In this category are registered Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbred/Draft Crosses and other Crosses. We are continually adding to our new riding horses thanks to a very talented trainer, (and those who train under his guidance), that subscribes to natural horsemanship training principals.We routinely have an average of about 50 horses up for adoption. Please check our listings to see if one is right for your family! Our horses are looking for “just the right everlasting home”. Is yours the one they’re hoping to find? They certainly hope so and Thank You for your consideration.

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